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We aim at deploying our custom (branded) MFEs on production.
We run tutor version 13.1.5 (maple) and tutor MFE plugin is enabled.

Following the readme of, for local development we get to successfully inject our custom MFE data via tutor dev runserver --volume=....
Question now is, what the process for production would look like.
Relevant MFEs are only the ones covered by tutor-mfe plugin: account, gradebook, learning, profile.

  1. As per the readme’s section “Adding new MFEs” we assume we can add new MFEs that are then served by the existing webserver. Is that correct?

  2. The official docs under state to “Copy the contents of dist/ to a web server.” In order to replace the 4 MFEs, would we have to set up a separate web server or can make use of the existing web server somehow, like for new MFEs?

  3. The official docs state to “Configure the platform to point at your MFE. (details on this coming soon)”. Any news here? (:

Thanks in advance!


Yes, as indicated by doc, each MFEs will have a perfix in the web server that matches it’s name, for example let’s say your MFE name is ‘mymfe’, and your run with default configuration, and lets assume your domain is, to access your MFE would be

It’s already handled by tutor by defualt, you can run your own webserver if you want. I think the doc is outlneing How is it done or like the archticaure of the plugin…etc. but not necessary what you have to do manuially.

I think if you are running maple you shuoldn’t worry about this much, by defualt since maple and from my expirence: account, profile, and learnign will be activated or are enabled by defualt.
One more note I would say is that if you are running the defualt settings in production, e.g. make sure in your DNS settings you add a CNAME or alternative where apps points to your IP server which is running tutor-mfe.

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