Custom configuration

Hi @regis,

We have some custom configurations for the edx instance.

For Example:

  1. In lms.env.json -> Features-> “ENABLE_SPECIAL_EXAMS”: true
  2. similarly in cms.env.json -> Features-> “ENABLE_SPECIAL_EXAMS”: true

when we are running tutor config save every time the lms.env.json and cms.env.json we are manually going and adding that partular line. Is there any way that we can handle this.


I believe that these can be set using a simple YAML plugin. See the docs here:

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@vsvvssrao did you get any out of box solution to update lms.env.json file ?

No. please do let me know if you get any solution for it.

Hi @vsvvssrao yes, I created a plugins and enabled it using tutor. It’s working as expected.

@aleem, could you please let me know in detail steps how you enable it in tutor and created. it would be veryhelpful.

@vsvvssrao follow this documentation

you can create a yml file and add your env in it.

name: custome_cms_evn
version: 0.1.0
  common-env-features: |