Course outline expand all does not show units

Hi, turned out the learner when they Expand All the course outline gets to see only the Sections & Subsections. The Units are missing. Is there a setting to enable the Units to show up in the course outline? In Studio, Unit visibility is NOT hidden from learners [NO check]. Why is it that it does not appear in the course outline in the LMS when they Expand All?

Appreciate the inputs.

Thanks again, Newt

Hi! Your question does not include enough information to understand what exactly is the problem you are facing. Please take the time to include as much relevant information as possible, such as screenshots.

Thanks @regis. Basically I have a 3-level course outline (Section-Subsection-Units) in Studio…but when I see the course outline in the LMS, I could only see upto 2-level when I expand all. Is there a way for me to see the 3 levels?

Thanks again!

As far as I know, It’s cannot be done through the config
However, you could do it by custom your OpenEdX.

The LMS has been changed to display only Sections and Subsections since the Juniper is released. 1. Juniper release notes: Learner Experiences — Open edX Release Notes documentation

Before the Juniper release, the LMS also show the units when you expand the subsection.

Thanks a lot for this @pakaponk. We learned something new :slight_smile: Cheers, Newt

If we customize though, how might we do it so that the units are also shown? Thanks again

Here is the PR where they remove units out of the expandable list.

Thanks a lot @pakaponk