Course import error on AWS Koa

I have created a couple classes in a Bitnami Open EdX local VM running Koa. When I export them and try to import to my AWS Tutor VM, on one class I was getting an error importing (so I just recreated it, since it was small), but on the latest class, it acts like it imported, and then when I go to view the content it gives me an error of " The Studio servers encountered an error".

I looked at the logs, but the only things which jump out at me are lines like

“xmodule.modulestore.exceptions.ItemNotFoundError: BlockKey(type=‘html’,…”

Has Bitnami perhaps configured their instance different in a way that the Tutor instance can’t consume?

I’ve attached the output of “tutor local logs --tail 400”, with some find-and-replace on IP addresses, usernames, and course names to maintain anonymity (I don’t want google hits for this.) Basically in the logs you should look for me creating a “Class1” class, and them importing a “CorrectOrgName” + “CorrectClassName” class over the top of it from the .tar.gz (with a bunch of Library_foo_* library usages. I already imported all the libraries into Tutor before importing the Course, and they all imported fine.)

(OK, I can’t upload .txt files apparently, so here’s a paste of it: lms_1 | 2021-01-29 02:14:27,728 INFO 6 [tracking] [user 3] [ip 123.12 -

Hi @oedx! This is the relevant part of the stacktrace:

cms-worker_1     |   File "/openedx/edx-platform/common/lib/xmodule/xmodule/", line 164, in update_children
cms-worker_1     |     raise ValueError("Requested library {0} not found.".format(library_key))
cms-worker_1     | ValueError: Requested library library-

It looks like the import is failing because the CMS does not include a module library. Did you create a module library on the Bitnami instance? If yes, they might not have been exported and thus you will have to recreate them manually.

OK, so on looking at it, it looks like there’s literally a “ValueError: Requested library library-v1… not found.” line for literally every library. But I imported all those libraries (successfully) before importing the course, giving them the exact same names. You couldn’t see it in that pastebin log since I ran up against the 512KB limit, but here’s an earlier part of the log showing what I think is maybe the library import.

Is it possible there’s some versioning skew between import and export? I.e. the part of the name in the error like “version@601888cb239e9a24f828cdc1” feels like it would generally be different between two instances. I.e. even if I import a library, its version will be different than what the course references (which is why generally the reference to the library in the “randomized content block” has warnings about needing to update the reference when the library content changes.)

Note: my libraries are not sets of questions. They’re simply a single “text” (HTML) page per library (since I want to reuse pages between classes)

I’m not sure how I can help you further @oedx: at first glance this looks like an upstream issue in Open edX. Can you check whether you are able to import your courses in a Devstack or another Bitnami-powered installation?