Course Discovery Django URL


I have enabled the discovery service on tutor using the plugin.

  1. Can you please help how do I know the Discovery Django admin URL?
  2. How to access the discovery shell?

Note: I have enabled the discovery service plugin and its running too… don’t know how to access it from browser URL. some of the forum says that docker is running using internal subdomain “discovery.localhost”… but I need to make/configure to the public domain name/sub domain/dns to access the services from anywhere.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @chinmaybhatk! I believe your questions are covered by the documentation of the discovery plugin:

The discovery user interface will be available at http://discovery.localhost for a local instance, and at DISCOVERY_HOST (by default: http(s)://discovery.) in production.

Then, you must login with this user at http://discovery.localhost/admin.

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