Course Creator request email failed using AWS SES

Hi everyone.

I’m using Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) as SMTP and it’s working flawlessly (activation email sent to registered users). but when I tried to send the Course Creator Request email, it failed.

Failure sending 'pending state' e-mail for to studio_request_email",

I used a YAML plugin and set STUDIO_REQUEST_EMAIL to my desired email and it works fine when I’m using Google as SMTP on local but it’s not working with AWS. :frowning:

I think the issue is with the send_mail function.

How sending emails are handled in different sections like registrations and why it’s different here ?
Are there any variables needed to be set in config.yml to solve this issue??

What are the logs from the lms-worker and cms-worker containers after the task failed?

EDIT: the email is sent to and from the email address stored in settings.FEATURES.get('STUDIO_REQUEST_EMAIL'). The default for this email address is… an empty string :sob: (source)

We can verify that this address is also undefined in tutor:

tutor local run --no-deps cms ./ cms shell -c "from django.conf import settings; print(settings.FEATURES.get('STUDIO_REQUEST_EMAIL'))"

To fix this issue, we should:

  1. Open an issue in tutor
  2. Define the setting in tutor
  3. Make a PR upstream to define a good default for this setting

Would you like to do either of these items @CodeWithEmad?

sure, I’m a bit busy these days, but I would love to work on it

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