Course card showing on /courses page after deletion

I accidentally deleted the course using the native command.
python cms delete_course course-v1:Test+Test101+2022 --settings=production

The command was executed with some issues. It deleted the course from the modulestore but after some time, it was not connecting pymongo due to which the command was broken and some occurences were left. I accessed the admin panel and saw the occurrence of that course in course overview. I deleted it using the admin panel and all of its occurrences present in course tabs were automatically removed after deleting the course from the course overview. Now, when I tried to access the course, it is not working. That’s what I want. But the course card is still showing on /courses page. I need to delete that course card too. I accessed the mongo. There were some occurrences still present in mongo for that course.
I tried deleting it using the tutor command after it but the course id was not found
tutor local run cms ./ cms --settings=tutor.production delete_course course-v1:Test+Test101+2022

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