Correct way to upgrade


I m planning to upgrade my tutor edx from ironwood to juniper . Can I upgrade directly to last version of juniper (v10.5.3) ?

My platform has users and courses

Can I install a fresh copy of juniper and use same database, for example ?

Also I’m using from GitHub tutor binaries due to some docker image changes (exposing db port)


You can check Install Tutor — Tutor documentation

Be sure to back up your data before upgrading.

Yes, this is the recommended approach.

Are you asking whether you can run both Juniper and Ironwood at the same time while pointing at the same database? The answer is no.

But what you can do is:

  1. Stop your Ironwood platform.
  2. Copy or backup your Ironwood databases (Mongodb and Mysql).
  3. Run Juniper on top of the original databases.

That way, if the upgrade has a problem, you can restore the database previous versions.

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