Configuring Ecommerce with Stripe on Lilac

Extending this post here from openedx forum Stripe Ecommerce not working | issue with Payments MFE anyone here able to make stripe as payment provide work.

i have configured stripe as a payment provider however the billing information details are greyed out and i cannot type anything on those fields.

@regis @Headhurts

As far as I know, Stripe is not supported by e-commerce. Only Cybersource and Paypal are.
I might be wrong though!

Unfortunately I am getting same error with PayPal, billing part is Greyed out

is anyone here is able to make Payment MFE work with Lilac version? i am stuck at this point and after thoroughly going through many posts, i feel that the only option to make eCommerce work is reinstalling the older version.

@regis @BbrSofiane is there way to drop the Payment MFE, because it seems like Lilac version is almost unusable for many of the organizations who are using e-commerce.
it seems the only way is to go back to older version or wait for a new version to see if this issue gets resolved. the issue is on both native and tutor.
non of the payment gateway is working, i tried cybersource, stripe and PayPal, all 3 are giving same issues

At the moment there is no alternative to process payment using e-commerce. There is work pending to re-enable the payment processing workflow. You can follow this issue for updates.

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