Comprehensive Theming

Hi Fam,
I’m currently experiencing issues with setting theme for my open edx instance . I’m able to clone indigo theme following the steps from Github and Docs at Overhang but with no success. I cant render the theme , i get this error:
tutor config render --extra-config ./indigo/config.yml ./indigo/theme “$(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/themes/indigo” Usage: tutor config [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]… Try “tutor config -h” for help. Error: No such command “render”.

I set the theme via admin , but it doesn’t reflect on my sites. I will highly appreciate your support.

Kind regards

What’s your current tutor version? You probably need to upgrade.

I was running an old version . On the latest version I’m not experiencing this. And Thanks for your kindness and support.
However , when setting a custom theme, it doesnt reflect now , following indigo and open edx theme tree. I don’t know what’s the problem . The indigo template works like a charm . But problem with custom themes. Any idea on how to resolve this ?

It’s difficult to help you if you don’t describe the exact steps that you are following and the commands you are running.

I was using steps detailed on regarding theming.
But I managed to figure it out . There was duplicates in admin console under site theming , which pointed to different theme dirs .
Thank you very much