Change STUDIO_NAME value?

On the login page for the studio, it says:

Welcome to Your Platform Studio

Is there a way to change the “Your Platform” value in Tutor so it is applied throughout Studio?



I am not sure I understand your question, but if you want to change the name of your platform, I think you do that when you answer the 3rd question after you run the “tutor local quickstart” command.

Thanks @CherieCAF. In the LMS, the value entered for question 3 shows properly in the page title and throughout the site. However, in the CMS, it just stays Your Platform:

Hi @ToddLichty! It appears that the “Your Platform Studio” name comes from the STUDIO_NAME cms settings. I suggest you add STUDIO_NAME = "whatever" in $(tutor config printroot)/env/apps/openedx/settings/cms/ It should work :crossed_fingers:

EDIT: I created the corresponding issue on Github

Thanks @regis. It worked perfectly.