Change data folder in existing tutor installation

Hi everybody! I have an existing installation of tutor and I need to change the default data root folder [which is ~/.local/share/tutor/] to point in a new larger disk. Do I have to just change any tutor variable? Do I have to transfer all the ~/.local/share/tutor/ or just the ~/.local/share/tutor/data subfolder? Is there any documentation?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @kostisalex
You just need to do:
export TUTOR_ROOT=the_path_of_a_folder_you_want
Then tutor config save
And if in your previous tutor root you have a data folder you could copy and paste it in your new folder.

Some resources:

I really don’t know if there is another resource where they explain it better.
I hope I have helped you,
Regards :smiley:


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