Certificates and Tutor?

I am trying to setup HTML certificates in Tutor. I am currently running Maple on a test system.

I have added a course in Studio.
I have added a honor mode for that course in Django Admin.
I setup the HTML certificate configuration in Django Admin.
I setup the certificate in the course.
I activated the certificate in the course.
I have added a student in honor mode in that course.
I even have exercises that are graded for that course.
The student has completed the course but the certificate is nowhere to be found.

I see there is no longer any advanced parameters for “Certificates Display Behavior” in Maple.

Am I missing something? If so, what?

The course I am using was previously a test course I had in Native for Koa (and more previous releases) that delivered autogenerated certificates and for which I had setup early_no_info and even enabled certificates.auto_certificate_generation.

All I see in the logs now under Tutor and Maple are these:

2022-03-16 20:44:38,362 INFO 10 [tracking] [user 8] [ip] logger.py:41 - {"name": "edx.course.grade.now_passed", "context": {"user_id": 8, "path": "/api/courseware/course/course-v1:UMontreal+CERT101+P2022", "course_id": "course-v1:UMontreal+CERT101+P2022", "org_id": "UMontreal", "enterprise_uuid": ""}, "username": "sambapete", "session": "d6a589dc68c6c5d4d93406a7e48c95cf", "ip": "", "agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.15; rv:98.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/98.0", "host": "cours-virginie.edulib.org", "referer": "https://apps.cours-virginie.edulib.org/", "accept_language": "fr", "event": {"user_id": "8", "course_id": "course-v1:UMontreal+CERT101+P2022", "event_transaction_id": "None", "event_transaction_type": "None"}, "time": "2022-03-16T20:44:38.362357+00:00", "event_type": "edx.course.grade.now_passed", "event_source": "server", "page": null}

2022-03-16 20:44:38,365 INFO 10 [lms.djangoapps.certificates.signals] [user 8] [ip] signals.py:80 - Attempt will be made to generate a course certificate for 8 : course-v1:UMontreal+CERT101+P2022 as a passing grade was received.

2022-03-16 20:44:38,366 INFO 10 [lms.djangoapps.certificates.generation_handler] [user 8] [ip] generation_handler.py:44 - Attempt will be made to generate course certificate for user 8 : course-v1:UMontreal+CERT101+P2022

But absolutely nothing happens…

Any idea what is going on?

Thanks for any advice.

See Enable Automatic Certificate Generation is fail on Maple after Lilac upgrade - #6 by bwidyasanyata - Development - Open edX discussions for a good explanation of what is actually going on.

I am largely concerned about how do we handle courses that have been existing for a while, for example on Koa in Native, when we will switch to Tutor and Maple? We have long running courses that deliver certificates either auto-generated or at the end. Is there a migration command we need to run? We can’t assume a course will end before our move to Tutor. That would be a logistic nightmare…

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