CERTIFICATE BAR doesn't show under Istructor bar

Hello everyone!
I have an issue about the certificate bar after I enabled it on ADMIN and I created a certificate template (activeted) like this

But when I go on Instructor bar, under it on “Instructor Dashboard”, there isn’t the certificate bar

Can someone help me?
@regis some idea?

@emanueleferrara, certificate tab on Instructor Dashboard depends on 2 conditions:

  1. https://lms.com/admin/certificates/certificategenerationconfiguration/, enable certificate here.
  2. User who is visiting the Instructor Dashboard should have global staff access.

Please make sure that the above conditions are satisfied.


Hi @jramnai,
first of all, thanks!

I’ve already this section:

But there isn’t the Certificate area

Who is visiting the Instructor Dashboard have global staff access

I understand the issue: I went in Studio Administration, not in LMS Administration (where it is the certification area)