Can I use tutor?

Hello everyone!!!

I am new here on tutor forum. I have been reading about open edx since past 18 months. So when I came to know about open edx, I was thrilled and excited thoroughly and wanted to give it a try. which I am glad I did, in spite no technical knowledge except how to operate computer.

So my first challenge was how can I get started??
I had three options.
-Native installation.

First thing I tried was tutor which was very promising because it was one click installation. Hurrah
Now i wanted to customise at least few functionality for my needs. This was biggest road block for me as everything about tutor was always targeting at the DevStack and not production. I know devstack is helpful but I am not programmer so I wanted to customise my own pre-production instance break it as many times I can, start from scratch till everything works. so this was the worst possible approach one could possibly take, but I did as that was the only possible option to me. Again by this time I had come across Lawrence McDanniel’s blog about edx and moved to native installation. God bless this gentlemen he made my life so much easier, I can never thank him enough.

So long story short, I stuck with native installation as it was more of pre-packaged and almost production grade at least for me with extended support. ever since I started customising, creating my own course and I also worked on an Android Application of open edx repo. At this moment I know Tutor is the only supported installation method for open edx.

So based on these information my question is :

Can I move to tutor?

The reason for me to ask this question is two concerns basically.

  1. I don’t want to get in nitty-gritty of recreating entire course again. can I just export the course from studio and import it back over these different installation methods? provided I don’t have any students enrolled. (this I feel is doable and shouldn’t be an issue. However what I am more concerned about is) 2) Android Application - tutor has plugin for this. but can I have my custom android app created using open edx repo and connect it in the same way through oAuth as it used to be in native installation?

if these questions are answered then I would feel little more comfortable to make a switch.

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