Cairn Superset expected performance

Hi all,

We’ve got a Cairn deployment pulling data for ~30k students (~5k active) and we’re experiencing some pretty bad lag in the dashboards (we’re getting the “this tab is slowing down your browser” message any time it’s open). Our first instinct was to increase the compute for our analytics server, and that helped a bit but the problem seems to be client side.

Is this kind of load expected to cause problems? Any tips on what we should investigate? Is it likely something we could fix on the server side?

Hi @natknight,
This might be due to some components which load the full list of students from the database and display it in a single HTML dropdown. Indeed, I expect that such a large dropdown would slow down the page. Are you able to pinpoint exactly what is the component that is slowing down the dashboard? You can find out by deleting every component one by one, and check whether it is still slowing down your browser.

I haven’t been able to track it down, but I’ll report back if we figure out what it is. :+1: