Cairn plugin Tutor

If Open edX platform is configured and working fine on server. Do we need any extra resources for Cairn plugin to work or utilize? and what all extra components are there if it needs one.Will ‘Vector’ and ‘Clickhouse’ comes by default with it? Also subscription of Tutor Wizard Edition is enough or do we need any other subscription also?

Hi @juhi.tyagi! Cairn comes as a 1-click install plugin. This means that all you need to do is to install and enable the plugin. Vector, Clickhouse and Superset all come as parts of this plugin, and you do not need to worry about installing them yourself.

Cairn is one of the premium plugins that come as part of the Wizard Edition. Thus, you will be able to install Cairn as soon as you buy a subscription.

May I ask which version of Tutor you are currently running? If you’d like we can schedule a call where I will answer all your questions about Cairn.

Hi @regis ,Thanks for your response. I am using tutor, version 13.0.2. Yes, would like to schedule a call as I also wanted to know more about data privacy. Will the data be processed outside my edx environment as it is also using Vector and Clickhouse services which is not present inside my environment.

I’ll get in touch by PM to schedule a call.

Concerning data privacy: all software will be hosted by yourself and will not leave your infrastructure. To be clear: you will remain the sole owner of your data, which will be hosted on your own servers, using open source software.