Build images openedx failed and now I get 502 (Bad Gateway) error

So I installed some more plugins and then ran build openedx images in the webui. It failed (with an error I cant remember) and now I get Bad Request everytime I visit my domain. I cannot access the webui anymore. If i SSH into my EC2 Instance and try to run tutor commands it tells me Error: Project root does not exist. as if nothing is there.

My LMS logs are here but I don’t see what is causing the error

Your pastebin content is saying mysql cannot be connected, while “Project root does not exist” says the tutor dir is not there, and in your title it’s the image that cannot be built… that’s really a mess.

Are you sure you are sshing using the same account as the previous one? Did you set the tutor_root previously? (Running multiple Open edX platforms on a single server — Tutor documentation) Then you need to set this var again when opening a new SSH session. check Local deployment — Tutor documentation

Yea I am ssh in the right place. I can even see the tutor folder and view the folders that contain the courses I created. (although the folders are empty?). Is it possible to backup my courses via ssh and then just restart?

If so then how would I do that?

You should read the docs first: Tutorials — Tutor documentation :wink:

You are using the Tutor AMI, right?

  1. Make sure that you are logged in as tutor user, and not ubuntu. DO NOT run commands with sudo.
  2. Stop everything. You should check that no container is running with docker ps.
  3. At this point, you should be able to access the Web UI. If not, verify that the Web UI is running: ps aux | grep ui. If it is not, start it with sudo systemctl start tutor-webui.
  4. Once your web UI is running, run tutor local quickstart again. If it fails, paste here the output.

How do I log in as the tutor user?

To login via ssh I have been doing

ssh -i "tutor.pem" -l ubuntu

If I replace ubuntu with tutor I get permission denied.

If I try to login with ubuntu and the su to tutor it asks for a password, but I don’t see any password specified in the docs.

I have tried the instance-id but that does not work either.

You should ssh as the “ubuntu” user. Then, change to the tutor user by running sudo su tutor. The sudo prompt should not be asking you for a password.

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