Bson document too large

Dear all,
I am getting the following error when trying access my course through studio:

pymongo.errors.DocumentTooLarge: BSON document too large (56907243 bytes) - the connected server supports BSON document sizes up to 16793598 bytes.

The browser shows me a 504 error.
This happened after uploading an html file in my course assets and tried to make iframe whith this html.

  1. How can I fix the problem so the course appears correctly? Can I delete an asset manually (maybe from command line), considering that I am using the dockerized version?
  2. Is it OK to increase somehow the BSON document? If yes, how is this done?

Thank you in advance!

It looks like you hit a Mongodb limitation: You uploaded a 54MB document but the maximum BSON document size is 16 MB. Unfortunately I have no idea how to resolve this issue. I believe that you will have to either manually delete the file from the mongodb command line, or from the file uploads UI.