Broken Logo in Password Reset Email

The logo is broken in the password reset email. This happens after the theme is changed to Indigo.

I tried to set “LOGO_URL_PNG” and “DEFAULT_EMAIL_LOGO_URL” in the config.yml, but neither works. What is the correct way to fix it? Can somebody help please? I’m on tutor version 11.2.11.

Hello @jennyq

You have to create a plugin to set DEFAULT_EMAIL_LOGO_URL. Then it should work.

@nadheemabdulla Thanks for the reply! I’ll give it a try.

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@jennyq what is the url of the password reset email logo image? You can find out by right-clicking the image, then “open image in new tab”, or “view image”. It should be

(In the future it should correctly point to your platform logo, once this PR is merged:

Thanks @regis ! Great to hear it is resolved in your PR. The logo url in the password reset email was http://None.

The solution to create a plugin that is suggested by @nadheemabdulla worked.

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