Blockstore Integration Inquiry for Nutmeg release

I’m currently checking in on the current state of the Blockstore with respect to OpenEDX/Tutor.
I’m currently trying to gather any information I can on the current state of integration, and if it’s able to be utilized in a production deployment of tutor.

There was a previous thread on this topic asking a similar question and i’m mostly checking to see if any additional information is available:
Using blockstore with tutor?

I know @fghaas was in discussion with the developers about when this would be integrated in an attempt to develop a tutor-plugin, but they weren’t able to get it integrated for Maple, but were aiming for Nutmeg.

Also i’m seeing that there were recent merges to edx-platform’s master branch in relation to blockstore (i believe in the past couple of months. not sure if that made the cutoff for the nutmeg release or not, or if it was even relevant)

Any information on this would be helpful, or if anyone has successfully integrated it could you please share how you’ve done it?

Hi @crivet,
Can I suggest you post your question on the Tutor forum? This forum is no longer monitored: This forum is moving to!

You should tag the authors of Blockstore in your new topic.


i added a tag and they called me spam…

(hopefully after review it’ll be back up)

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