Blocking access to Tutor resources for Russian users

As of today, access to Tutor resources, such as the documentation, this forum and the commercial website are blocked to users from inside Russia and Belarus. Users located in these countries who attempt to access these sites will be redirected to

I’m curious to have your reactions and I’ll be happy to discuss this change with you right here.


I think taking a stance is important and it makes sense in any way you can. My only concern would be lumping people in the same bag and closing the door to any exchange.

But I think you address it in the message by providing a point of contact. I’m glad you are taking a public stance on this.

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I think that is a great stance because weirdly not everyone in Russia and Belarus knows what is going on. Some people don’t even know that something is going on in Ukraine. This move is one of many showcases what Russia can expect from the world after 24-th of February. Nevertheless, many Russians say that they aren’t concerned about such kind of restrictions, thus no need to unblock them in the future.

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