Blended development 43 project updates

As some of you know, edX launched a Blended Development project (BD-43 in September to accelerate the development of new features in Tutor. This is tremendously useful, because it gives me time to support the community and develop new, free features in Tutor core.

Ed Zarecor is my project lead on BD-43, and he suggested that I post my project updates in a public space. Thus I’ll post here progress reports at the beginning of every sprint, every two weeks or so. If you have questions feel free to add them right here :arrow_heading_down:

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I expect to be working on the following items:

  • Use Tutor as a development environment for MFEs, and in particular the Profile MFE: Support for the Profile MFE · Issue #28 · openedx/build-test-release-wg · GitHub Addressing this issue is actually part of my duties as a core committer and member of the BTR working group (which this blended development project does not cover), but I volunteered to tackle it because I thought it would be a good test case of Tutor as an MFE development environment.
  • Write a TEP to get rid of the Nginx container in Tutor deployments Why Caddy + Nginx?

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