Bind mount in plugin container

Hi all,
I am creating a plugin that launches a container. I would like to bind mount a directory to pass a config file to the container. The configuration file must also be templated, as it depends on some openedx config variables, and I wouldn’t like to have to rebuild the image every time the config changes. Or should I?

Any idea how can I accomplish that?

Put the configuration files in a volume (when using docker) and in a configMap (when using k8s) is how tutor works.

An example is mfe-plugin, in this case, the dev environment uses an external configuration file and prod don’t use:

It’s not a rule, you need see what’s the needs of your project and if this will be useful.

You said that the configuration file is templated, so if you change it, you will need to update the config.yml, otherwise it will be overwritten with tutor config save.

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Worked!! Thank you very much