Best way to pull updated translate strings language

How can I effectively get updated updates for my language?
I am following the steps using these instructions

However, some parts of the platform still lack the proper translation.

I took the liberty of getting the updated strings by giving a fork of the openedx-i18n project.

In it I put pt_BR on configs

In the tutor installer I switched to my fork

But I was not successful, there are no updated strings in some parts of the platform.

What would be the best way to do this?

Hi @ejklock! It’s difficult to diagnose without seeing the problem for myself. Can you please provide screenshots of the parts of the platform that are not properly localized?


I Follow your instructions on wiki

By default, Open edX comes with a limited set of translation/localization files. To complement these languages, we add locales from the [openedx-i18n project]. But not all supported locales are downloaded. In some cases, the chosen default language will not display properly because if was not packaged in either edx-platform or openedx-i18n. If you feel like your language should be packaged, please [open an issue on the openedx-i18n project]

I created a fork of openedx-i18n and pull latest transifex strings for my language (PT_BR). But after install, only the default strings of my language are applied on platform and not all translated strings of transifex.

I have a NATIVE version installed on my test server and there I have a good part of the platform translated after obtaining the strings from transifex

Do I have to do any more steps during the installation of the tutor?

I appreciate the help

Again, can you please provide screenshots of the parts of the platform that are not properly localized?

Hello! I was doing the procedure incorrectly.

All I needed to do was fork the source of tutor and edit the DockerFile to point to my fork of i18n with the translations correctly.

And then rebuild openedx.