Backup and restore k8s deployment

I have install tutor v12 on my k8s cluster it working fine but I want to move to another cluster.
Can you suggest me how can archive this.
I have ran 'tutor k8s quickstart; while setting up tutor in k8s
Note: I am using using pv, not minio

This is a question that is specific to your own Kubernetes cluster implementation. Basically, you should copy the contents of your Kubernetes volumes from your old hosting provider to the new one. Please check the contents of the Kubernetes docs on that topic.

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Kubernetes deployment — Tutor documentation Is this.
Basically i want to copy. Data folder which is generate from this tutor local quickstart command
I mean I was running tutor in docker deployment environment but now I am moving to k8s so can I copy exiting data to k8s environment.
if this is not possible is there any other way to do it
tutor V12 on both docker deployment and k8s environment
Thank you.

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