AWS S3 Integration

Hi, Currently we are in the process of migrating our LMS to OpenEdx and we are using tutor in development and production.
We would be using AWS S3 as our storage for static and media files. I was going through the forum about configuring it and noticed that we will have to use the MinIO service, but we want to avoid using it.
I would like to know the steps to configure the AWS S3 bucket as im confused.

Thank you

There is also an unofficial S3 plugin for Tutor.

Maybe you can take a look at it?


The repo description says that it should not be considered for production.
Hence I did not go for it.

Can I please know if it’s okay to use it in production @sambapete?

It’s your choice then. You use MinIO or you don’t. You try the S3 plugin or you don’t.

I am currently evaluating it myself because we are not in Production yet with Tutor. It does allow us to connect to S3 from our test system instead of using MinIO.

Nobody can force you to use one or the other.


Got it, thanks for the help @sambapete.

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