AWS ALB and Tutor

Has anyone used Tutor on a server with an AWS ALB (Application Load Balancer) in front of it?

The DNS names have to be resolved at the ALB level and the traffic sent to the server behind the ALB.

Installing Tutor with SSL certificates creates resolving issues because I cannot passthrough the SSL content to the server behind the ALB. Therefore I may need to install it without SSL.

One of the issue I am facing when using http on the server is that the server stills needs to use SSL for the Payment MFE communication to the payment processor.

Is there a simple solution besides rewriting caddy or nginx rules and installing snake oil certificates on the server?

@sambapete, We are kind of doing a similar thing where we turned off the caddy load balancer and instead used an NginX ingress controller. You can check that here. SSL is also managed by cert-manager instead of Caddy. Hope that helps.

Thanks @shimulch. I will definitely take a look at it. And just by following the link you also reminded me I wanted to take a look at Grove that you guys developed at OpenCraft. I guess it’s time to do it. Thanks again.

Hi @sambapete! Good to see you here :slight_smile: You probably want to read this tutorial: Running Open edX behind a web proxy — Tutor documentation

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Thanks @regis :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been here before, but now I need to better understand the Tutor ecosystem in order to prepare our move from Native to Tutor in the near future. I still need to find a solution to our custom payment processor issue for the Payment MFE, but that is a completely different story :wink: I am working behind the scene to see if our finance department would allow Cybersource now instead of Paysafe because they did move from a previous backend payment processor to Moneris who supports both in the last year. It could be a political thing though with our bank.

With regards to the tutorial, I had seen it but I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Thanks!

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