Any plan on enabling credentials plugin

We have a requirement on enabling open edX credentials service (to support certificates). In my understanding, a new tutor plugin is needed. Any plan on enable this plugin? Just to confirm and avoid duplicate work.


The work still in progress: GitHub - pcliupc/tutor-credentials

If you find time to finish this plugin, I’ll be happy to refer to it from the official docs and website.

Sorry to bother you @pcliu but, can your plugin be used? I tried it and got the following error:
pull access denied for overhangio/openedx-credentials, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login': denied: requested access to the resource is denied

I’ve looked in the docker repo and the image is not there.

Please run tutor images build credentials to build the image @LucianT

Is this “credentials” as in authentication credentials for SSO services like google/facebook? Or something else? (I want the SSO capability eventually but I’m not on Tutor 12 or Lilac, but I just want to know whether I’ll need to come back and use this later once I do upgrade.)

This plugin is used for issuing course/program certificates.