Announcing: Open edX Lilac on Tutor v12!

The latest Open edX release is out! You can try it out by upgrading to Tutor v12.0.0, which was released a couple hours ago. Once you upgrade and run quickstart, you’ll be running Lilac, which is the name of this new release. Here is the official announcement along with the release notes. I strongly recommend you thoroughly read the release notes if you intend on upgrading a running production instance.

I would just like to say that this release means a lot to me, for multiple reasons. First, it’s a major release, and major releases always represent a lot of work. But this time I was helped by the wonderful team of Tutor #community:maintainers to upgrade the many plugins and get feedback. In particular, I would like to thank @NeOneSoft, @BbrSofiane and @pcliu for your precious support. You rock! :heart:

Lilac is a huge milestone and a turning point for our community: for the first time, Tutor is recommended as the official method of installation for new Open edX users. It’s been four years since I pushed the first commit of what would eventually become Tutor. Four years is a long time… to see the whole Open edX community now embracing this thing that I created represents a tremendous achievement for me.

Finally, I’m taking the opportunity of this Lilac release to remove the wraps from a new project that I think will become another game-changer for the Open edX community. Tutor users have asked me about it for as far as I can remember, and I have been working on it for the better part of a year. I have had doubts that it could even be possible. Today I’m very happy with the result, and I could not be more proud to release Cairn, the self-hosted, scalable, real-time analytics solution for Open edX.

Cairn is a full-blown replacement for Open edX Insights and Figures, with the following features:

  • Unified event and stateful data analytics
  • Real time data and dashboards
  • Data-based access rights for course and org staff
  • Working dashboards out of the box
  • Fully customizable datasets, queries and dashboards that you can write in SQL and share with others
  • Runs at scale

The fact that literally every Open edX administrator is looking for a working analytics stack, and that Cairn so conveniently fulfills the requirements of all the potential users that I have talked to leads me to believe that it’s going to completely revolutionize how people work and learn with Open edX.

Cairn is now part of the Tutor Wizard Edition and you can start running it today, both on Koa and Lilac.

As usual, if you have any question or issue about this new release, please let us know in the forums! Happy hacking :robot: :wink:


@regis, just dropping by to thank you for all the work you’ve done both on Tutor and on the BTR group, helping to build Lilac. Here’s to a Maple with Tutor as the only recommended installation method! Cheers! :beers:

Also, congrats on Cairn! Very exciting to see a new analytics offering, one that looks like it would be both actually installable by normal people (looking at you, Insights :P) and supports the latest Open edX release. Looking forward to trying it out.


Great! I am not being able to install the Free licence tutor license install tutor-cairn.
Is this only available for PIAD licence?

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