An unexpected error occurred. Please click the button below to refresh the page

After upgrading from Lilac to Maple, I am unable to view any of the course pages. I’ve rebuilt all the images and enabled the mfe plugin. When I run tutor dev start, I am able to login and view my dashboard. Clicking on a course takes me to the URL with the following:

An unexpected error occurred. Please click the button below to refresh the page.

I can see that the tutor_dev_learning_1 container is running.

There are no errors thrown in the logs that I can see.

Any help would be appreciated.

Looking at the console in Chrome, I can see a request going to:‘’

I’m thinking that this may be the issue. Need to figure out where this is coming from.

I also encounter this problem. May I know how do you solve it or is it still open issue?

Is there something in the actual Chrome console? I’m talking about the “Console” tab, not the “Network” one.

Hello @ToddLichty,

Did you got any solution on this?
I am also facing same isssue
please help me if you get anything.

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I have the same issue, but only when a user is logged in, for the anonymous user page works well.
After upgrading from lilac to maple I added to the configuration MFE_HOST as my own domain.
Console and network don’t display any errors.

tutor, version 13.3.0

After some investigation, I found that it is impossible to set MFE_HOST on the same level as learning domain, e.g. and will not work because COOKIE DOMAIN configuration works only for *
My issue is related to the cookies, I suppose the mfe page raises “unexpected error” when the app is trying to get credentials/csrf values from cookies that are empty.
Hence, your MFE_HOST has to be under, for example, or which is the default. Also at this moment, you can’t use cloudflare to protect your site because MFE is not working well with it(cloudfalre doesn’t give you the free configuration for the 4th level domains).

I have found the issue and kind of solution too… I don’t know if it is correct or not. I was using tutor 13.3.1 and mfe 13.0.6 and faced the same issue.

when you save config after enabling plugins, it creates a production and development environment file (env/plugins/mfe/build/mfe/env). their entries are like key=‘value’ which you need to change to key=value, remove single quotes from value then run tutor dev start, and all mfe start working.

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