Alternative solution to override root username of mysql instance

Hi all,
If I were to use external database instead of dockerized mysql and mongodb, documentation asks us to follow this link

But it mandates to have ‘root’ as the username of mysql instance. Some of the provider like azure will not allow us to create a user named ‘root’ because of security reasons.

What is the workaround for this problem?

Currently, overriding the root username is not supported, but it should be quite easy to implement. Would you like to open a PR?

Honesty no idea where we have to make changes to make it work. If you could advice further, I will make changes and see if it works, then I opening a PR will make sense.
Or do you have any other way of resolving or advice?

Basically, you need to replace “root” with “MYSQL_ROOT_USERNAME” everywhere in the tutor code base, near to places where “MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD” appears. You also need to add "MYSQL_ROOT_USERNAME": "root" to the config.yml file and document the change, both in the Changelog and the configuration docs.

Can you please open a Github issue about this? I’ll flag it as a feature request. However, I don’t think I’ll have time to work on this before the Juniper release.

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@regis I have raised issue request on github. Please do the needful when you are free after the release of Juniper :slight_smile:

yes, we met the same issue when deploy open edX with tutor. We have enable this in our local repo and perhaps I can send a PR for review.


Could you please pull the code and send it for review. Helps me :slight_smile: