All MFE in english, can't either change language in account settings (12.1.5)

After update 12.1.5, all MFE are suddenly in english (though I have configured es-419 as LANGUAGE_CODE). Can’t either change the language in the account MFE settings.

Replying to myself, I think I found where the problem is. The language preference cookie that is set in the browser is called ‘openedx-language-preference’ language-cookie

But in ‘tutormfe/templates/mfe/build/mfe/env/production’ on line 9 you have:


Has probably to do with a (bad) temporary fix for #507

Very good catch @insad! I was actually struggling with this issue myself, but did not manage to understand where the problem came from. I opened a PR to resolve this issue: fix: incorrect MFE language user preference by regisb · Pull Request #21 · overhangio/tutor-mfe · GitHub

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