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I’ve been working with Tutor for quite some time, and a feature that i need to develop in the company that im in has the need to access the Advanced Settings, but im having a hard time to find it in the database (MySQL and MongoDB), can you guys help me?

i’m pretty sure it’s related to Open edX itself.

Picture below to understand which configurations im talking about


Hi @GustavoMS97!
Try to import a demo course, and login to studio as a staff or superuser you should see advanced settings.

tutor local importdemocourse

sorry if I didn’t understand your questions correctly:)

Actually, what im trying to find is where this configurations are stored. I need to query it somehow and i just wanna see where edX saves all the data on the Advanced Settings page, specifically the Other Course Settings.

For query inside MySQL database

docker exec -ti tutor_local_mysql_1 bash -c ‘mysql -uroot -p$MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD openedx’

all tutor data


all tutor configurations and (openedx, lms,cms,nginx etc)


To see all DB models

tutor local run lms bash


./ lms inspectdb

shows all db models.

for other settings you should see inside cms and lms containers for example

tutor local run cms bash

than navigate


but for configuration this environments, needs to fork edx-platform, I guess.

I hope that was the answer… Thanks…

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@GustavoMS97 did you know that in course units are xblocks, but that courses themselves are also xblocks? The course advanced settings, as most xblock data, are stored in Mongodb. You will have to dig there to find them. However, you should be aware that accessing xblock properties directly from Mongodb is quite an adventure. Be careful not to break anything!