Adding custom static page to courseware tabs


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I have a question about how to add a custom page to courseware tabs. I know the studio has a panel to add dynamic pages but I want to add a static page like “Dates”, “Progress” to all courses.

Is there a way to add static page course tabs, and show them in the studio pages panel?

And should be listed here for sorting or hiding.


After searching multiple times found a way to add custom tabs. Here is the link I follow to add tabs but the documentation is deprecated in some way and I searched Github for new repos using this feature and found an example to do that.

I follow that links and built a Django plugin to add custom tabs. You can install the Django plugin to Tutor. Link is in bellow


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This sounds interesting! Is there any way that you could post your code or a template of how you built it?

Or, is as simple as putting the directory references in openedx/requirements/private.txt?


Hi @tony-h ,

I couldn’t share the templates at this time but I can give you some information about how to deploy a package to Tutor.

First of all, if you don’t have an idea of how to create a Django plugin you can follow the edX cookiecutter repo. Here is the link.

At the development stage of the plugin, you can work inside of requirements folder $(tutor config printroot)/env/build/openedx/requirements and add the project folder to your private.txt file like -e ./myplugin.

And of course, you should build images for the first time of development. Run tutor images build openedx and tutor images build openedx-dev commands for development. For development, you can start the server with tutor dev runserver cms command. I should say if you do all things I wrote it still does not show tabs until you don’t add a plugin inside of Advanced Module List.

I hope this message will help you.

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