Activation emails are sent in spam?

Hi. Activation email are received with too much delay and going in spam. How can I fix this?

This is because the SMTP server that ships with Tutor is very basic and does not include anti-spam features, such as DKIM, etc. I suggest you open a free account with an email provider, such as Sendgrid, and configure Tutor to send emails via their smtp server:

Hello @regis ,

if I wanted to configure sendgrid do I update the below

  • RUN_SMTP (default: true)
  • SMTP_HOST (default: "smtp")
  • SMTP_PORT (default: 8025)
  • SMTP_USERNAME (default: "")
  • SMTP_PASSWORD (default: "")
  • SMTP_USE_TLS (default: false)
  • SMTP_USE_SSL (default: false)

and use the credentials from sendgrid