Activation code not received after registering on studio

when i open studio and register than it is directed to a page
Thankyou for registering we have sent you a activation code
but i am unable to receive any activation code
when i check containers information like in smtp
it shows

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Someone from @experts wants to answer this one? It’s almost certain that this issue is similar to this other one (“cannot assign requested address” error).

Hi @snighdha09. After checking the logs you provided and the previous related thread, I think that your Tutor configuration is kind of “overlapped”. It seems that you are trying to use Tutor SMTP server (namshi/smtp) and the Gmail SMTP server at the same time. First you need to select one of those two options. Let’s say that you want to use Gmail SMTP server. In that case you don’t need the Namshi SMTP server, so you need to set RUN_SMTP to False. Then you need to set these other settings Configuration and customisation — Tutor documentation. In summary your settings should look like:

  • RUN_SMTP: false
  • SMTP_PORT: 587
  • SMTP_USERNAME: your_username
  • SMTP_PASSWORD your_password
  • SMTP_USE_TLS: false
  • SMTP_USE_SSL: true
    Remeber to reload settings following these instructions Local deployment — Tutor documentation

If instead what you want to do is to use the Tutor SMTP server (Namshi, no TLS support), then you just need to set RUN_SMTP to True, and you can use default values for all other SMTP related settings.

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error is still comming and when i register it shows a message

Isn’t RUN_SMTP set to true by default? I have the same problem and I have not made any changes. It seems that the default configuration is not consistent.

@bsamadi RUN_SMTP is actually set True by default. Could you please describe more details about your problem.

You simply need one time confirm in gmail that the server is trusted, next mails sent from your server will be accepted without any problem. Also good idea to put an spf record in your DNS and flag gmail and your server as authorized to sent emails.

I deployed Open edX with tutor local quickstart. I am able to register but I have never received a confirmation email. Here is the error in the logs (connection timeout):

It might be related to this post but I was not able to fix the problem with the suggested fix:

Do I have to configure SMTP parameters manually or the tutor deployment is supposed to work out of the box?

In my investigations, I realized that the namshi/SMTP Docker image uses exim4.

I still do not know if I need to set up a gmail account or the SMTP docker container should be able to send the confirmation emails by itself. I am also not sure if I should create an MX record for the domain name. I will report my progress here.

My cloud service provider, Hetzner, has blocked ports 25 and 465. I decided to use a gmail account to send emails. Now, I get this error:

Connecting to [2a00:1450:400c:c00::1a]:25 ... failed: Cannot assign requested address
LOG: MAIN [2a00:1450:400c:c00::1a] Cannot assign requested address
Connecting to []:25 ... failed: Connection timed out (timeout=5m)

Nowadays you should use secure port 587 for SMTP. Here my working configuration with gmail:

RUN_SMPT: false
SMTP_PASSWORD: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
SMTP_USERNAME: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The username is without ‘’ … maybe works also with ‘’ suffix, didn’t try it.

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