Account settings is not working

Hello Account Profile settings is not working, i cannot select limited or full profile, either add user profile photo etc

Also show profile info button is not working either.

Do I have to make a pluggin for that?

@regis Have you faced something similar with that?

Thank you in advance

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I believe the error message is quite explicit here: “You must specify your birth year before you can share your full profile. To specify your birth year, go to the Account Settings page.”.

@regis Thank you very much! This is the case! Now it works perfectly

Although there is one more thing. The button View My records is not working.

It redirects to http://localhost:8008/records/

root@37fbe4872d74:/openedx/edx-platform/openedx/core/djangoapps# grep -ril “localhost:8008” credentials/settings/ credentials/settings/ pycache /common.cpython-35.pyc

if you enter LMS the url localhost:8008 is on these files

“”“Common settings for Credentials.”""

def plugin_settings(settings):
    # Credentials Settings 
    settings.CREDENTIALS_INTERNAL_SERVICE_URL = 'http://localhost:8008' 
    settings.CREDENTIALS_PUBLIC_SERVICE_URL = 'http://localhost:8008'`

are records related with credentials?
are there any settings for that?


root@37fbe4872d74:/openedx/edx-platform# grep -ril “localhost:8008” cms/envs/ cms/envs/ **pycache** /common.cpython-35.pyc openedx/core/djangoapps/credentials/settings/ openedx/core/djangoapps/credentials/settings/ **pycache** /common.cpython-35.pyc lms/envs/ lms/envs/ **pycache** /common.cpython-35.pyc

Learner records should be disabled on your platform. To do so, you should create a site configuration with "ENABLE_LEARNER_RECORDS": false. I created an upstream PR to make it possible to disable this feature globally:
This change will be cherry-picked in Tutor’s edx-platform; this means that you will not have to create a site configuration in the next release (probably v10.2.3).

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I encountered simillar problem. what do I have to do exactly? go to lms.yml and add this tag with false? also I am wondering how can I enable date tab in my instance? I need to do something on admin django waffles switch and flag but not sure what exactly