Accessing course contents with custom application (all Videos, course Progress))

I am new and trying to understand OpenEdx and exploring option options to run courses from a custom app, in this process, I came across tutor which seems to easily deployable production
grade solution. I have already installed the system and things are running without any issues.

However, Now trying to access the course contents / run courses via API calls (*this leverages me to integrate user course contents in our existing standalone application solution). I was able to pass through Authentication and accessing course information via API “OAuth” & “api/courses/v1/blocks/?course_id”. However, trying to understand what approach is required for getting courses contents & Links, So that it can be templated in my custom application. Guidance here will be very helpful


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I think you’ll have more luck with your question over at

Thanks for routing, However, reading some documentation lead to me this area " Configuring an edX Instance as an LTI Tool Provider". Hope this is the right approach. Not sure the right place. However, some guidance would help get me started.

. I am not able perform LTI configuration . i do not have mentioned fields in that form bit its is throwing an error.

me too
I wrote a post here Hawthorn and LTI - Ops Help - Open edX discussions you can join me on it