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I upgraded to tutor 13.1.7 and noticed that when I login as a user to LMS and try to access my user profile it redirects me to this URL apps.basedomain/user-account.

This was not the case with version 12. Can anyone help me with how to properly set up version 13 as I get authorization required when I access the user profile on version 13.1.7

Indeed, this was added with the MFE framework. You need to add the apps.basedomain entry to your DNS server, the same as you did with studio.basedomain.

Hello Tony,

Thanks for the feedback, I but I realized that tutor-mfe fails to load on kubernetes with the image pull error below.

Failed to pull image β€œ”: rpc error: code = NotFound desc = failed to pull and unpack image β€œ”: failed to resolve reference β€œ”: not found

What I want to know is there a specific procedure for activating and enabling the tutor-mfe plugin

It sounds like something more is going on. We aren’t running Kubernetes, so I can’t offer any suggestions there.

Regarding plugins using tutor local: You can verify the enabled status for MFE the same as you do the other plugins and then enable as needed:

tutor plugins list
android==13.0.0 (disabled)
discovery==13.0.0 (disabled)
ecommerce==13.0.0 (disabled)
license==13.0.0 (disabled)
minio==13.0.1 (disabled)
richie==13.0.0 (disabled)
webui==13.0.0 (disabled)
xqueue==13.0.0 (disabled)

Enable, save the config, and run quickstart:

tutor plugins enable mfe
tutor config save
tutor local quickstart

I hope this helps!

Thank you Tony-h, however I found this resouce below which contains all the instructions for enabling MFEs on kubernetes amongst others and I am ok now

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