xAPI Course import in Tutor

Hi, I’m getting started with Tutor and I’m trying to understand if I can import an xAPI Course in Tutor portal. I’ve been searching around the documentation but I didn’t find anything usefull. Could you help me to understand if it is possible and how can I achieve it? Thank you in advance!

Hi @CoffeeStraw! Tutor is “just” an Open edX distribution, and it seems that what you are looking for is an integration of xAPI into Open edX. Right? I’m not too familiar with xAPI but some efforts have been made towards an Open edX integration. See:

Ping @mbenadda who is part of the openfun team leading the effort behind that OEP mentioned above.

Perhaps we could help you better if you explained more precisely what you need?

EDIT: you might also want to check out https://github.com/ucsd-ets/openedx-caliper-tracking

Hey, thank you for your reply and sorry for the delay!

What I am looking for is to be able to upload xAPI courses in my studio.sitename page.

Currently, I’ve tried downloading one of the prototypes available from the official website. Uploading it result in an error as you can see from the image.

So I think that I should try to apply the plugin that you provided me to Tutor, is that right? And how can I do it?