Web-ui Not working - showing connection closed

Web UI not working and showing connection closed. Showing the below error:

Usage: tutor [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]…
Try “tutor -h” for help.

Error: No such command “UI”.

Please suggest how to resolve this??

Hi @mindwanders1993! What version of tutor are you running? You can check by running tutor --version. Are you running the Tutor AMI? If yes, which version?

Hi @regis I am using tutor AMI from AWS version v12.0.3.

Can you describe more precisely how you are trying to run the tutor web UI? Are you running from http://yourinstance:3737? Or from the server, by ssh?

I am trying to run tutor web UI from http://yourinstance:3737.

Are you quite sure that you are running v12.0.3? I just launched an EC2 instance on AWS and the Web UI worked just fine.

Yes, I am using tutor AMI v12.0.3. Initially it was working. I have set up the 3pconnect.org but after that tutor web UI stop working.

I have terminated the service. Will do tutor installation with the new EC2 instance.

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