Visibility for unenrolled learners

Hello, I have a problem with setting the Course Visibility for Unenrolled Learners. It works well in Tutor 12.2.0, but this option is unavailable in [Settings]-[Advanced Settings] in my installations of Maple. I have tried all releases from 13.0.0 thu 13.1.5. Has anyone met with the same problem?

Helge Høivik

What’s the name of the waffle flag you created? It should be “seo.enable_anonymous_courseware_access”. Your screenshot is blurry but it looks like you wrote “so” instead of “seo”. Anonymous public access works for me, as you can see in this screenshot:

Thank you, Regis! This is embarrasing. I backtracked my steps and found that a note I have used contained this error, which was then replicated every time I tried again… MyG!

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