Tutor v11 migrations?

Hi, when using the tutor images for Koa (v11)

I see the following

Starting tutor_local_mysql_1 ... done
2021/05/12 14:42:17 Waiting for: tcp://mysql:3306
2021/05/12 14:42:17 Connected to tcp://mysql:3306
Loading settings lms.envs.tutor.production
Operations to perform:
  Apply all migrations: admin, announcements, api_admin, assessment, auth, badges, blackboard, block_structure, bookmarks, branding, bulk_email, bulk_grades, calendar_sync, canvas, catalog, celery_utils, certificates, commerce, completion, consent, content_libraries, content_type_gating, contentserver, contenttypes, cornerstone, cors_csrf, course_action_state, course_date_signals, course_duration_limits, course_goals, course_groups, course_modes, course_overviews, courseware, crawlers, credentials, credit, dark_lang, database_fixups, degreed, demographics, discounts, django_celery_results, django_comment_common, django_notify, edx_proctoring, edx_when, edxval, email_marketing, embargo, enterprise, entitlements, experiments, external_user_ids, grades, instructor_task, integrated_channel, learning_sequences, lms_xblock, lti_consumer, lti_provider, milestones, mobile_api, moodle, oauth2_provider, oauth_dispatch, organizations, program_enrollments, programs, redirects, rss_proxy, sap_success_factors, schedules, self_paced, sessions, shoppingcart, site_configuration, sites, social_django, splash, static_replace, status, student, submissions, super_csv, survey, system_wide_roles, teams, theming, third_party_auth, thumbnail, track, user_api, user_authn, util, verified_track_content, verify_student, video_config, video_pipeline, waffle, waffle_utils, wiki, workflow, xapi, xblock_django
Running migrations:
  No migrations to apply.
  Your models have changes that are not yet reflected in a migration, and so won't be applied.
  Run 'manage.py makemigrations' to make new migrations, and then re-run 'manage.py migrate' to apply them.
2021-05-12 14:43:08,359 INFO 23 [openedx.core.djangoapps.oauth_dispatch.management.commands.create_dot_application] [user None] [ip None] create_dot_application.py:97 - Updated android application with id: 6, client_id: android, and client_secret: GmuxgsUw0gld9latqYPalnRu
completion.enable_completion_tracking: on

Is it normal for it to talk about models having changed but not having migrations generated for them?


Yes, this is normal – well maybe not “normal”, but let’s say: “expected”. But I have no idea what models are causing the missing migrations. Would you like to try running makemigrations?

Sorry @regis,

Finally got to this again. Here are the results for makemigrations

Migrations for 'shoppingcart':
    - Remove field course_enrollment from certificateitem
    - Remove field orderitem_ptr from certificateitem
    - Remove field created_by from coupon
    - Remove field coupon from couponredemption
    - Remove field order from couponredemption
    - Remove field user from couponredemption
    - Remove field orderitem_ptr from courseregcodeitem
    - Delete model CourseRegCodeItemAnnotation
    - Remove field created_by from courseregistrationcode
    - Remove field invoice from courseregistrationcode
    - Remove field invoice_item from courseregistrationcode
    - Remove field order from courseregistrationcode
    - Remove field invoiceitem_ptr from courseregistrationcodeinvoiceitem
    - Remove field orderitem_ptr from donation
    - Remove field changed_by from donationconfiguration
    - Remove field invoice from invoicehistory
    - Remove field invoice from invoiceitem
    - Remove field created_by from invoicetransaction
    - Remove field invoice from invoicetransaction
    - Remove field last_modified_by from invoicetransaction
    - Remove field user from order
    - Remove field order from orderitem
    - Remove field user from orderitem
    - Remove field course_enrollment from paidcourseregistration
    - Remove field orderitem_ptr from paidcourseregistration
    - Delete model PaidCourseRegistrationAnnotation
    - Remove field course_enrollment from registrationcoderedemption
    - Remove field order from registrationcoderedemption
    - Remove field redeemed_by from registrationcoderedemption
    - Remove field registration_code from registrationcoderedemption
    - Delete model CertificateItem
    - Delete model Coupon
    - Delete model CouponRedemption
    - Delete model CourseRegCodeItem
    - Delete model CourseRegistrationCode
    - Delete model CourseRegistrationCodeInvoiceItem
    - Delete model Donation
    - Delete model DonationConfiguration
    - Delete model Invoice
    - Delete model InvoiceHistory
    - Delete model InvoiceItem
    - Delete model InvoiceTransaction
    - Delete model Order
    - Delete model OrderItem
    - Delete model PaidCourseRegistration
    - Delete model RegistrationCodeRedemption

I’m pretty sure you really really don’t want to apply these migrations… I’d suggest to simply ignore this error message.

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Thanks @regis! That is what I was figuring, but I had noticed the message so I figured I would ask.

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