Translate tutor in other language

Just run tutor local quickstart and do not run tutor local upgrade. Then check the logs from the mongodb and the mysql containers. They will indicate whether you need to manually upgrade your databases.

Where I can see this logs?

Please check the docs:

You should run:

tutor local logs -f mysql mongodb

There are too many things in log I do not know at what should I have to look. It’s so big that I didn’t have permission to paste here

Hey @regis can you give me a solution to this. I want to get the translation and I am a little pressed by time

Run tutor local quickstart. Is everything working fine? If yes you’re done. If not, what problem are you facing?

Everything works fine after quickstart, I didn’t know that after this is upgraded to Koa
But I did not see the romanian language folder on open edx locale

Later edit: the version is 10.5.1

And also I have pulled the image but I did not see the translations

I understand now what have tried to say with manually upgrade. I was doing the upgrade in the wrong way. tutor install and quickstart was enough, now I have the last version. Thank you @regis and sorry for trouble

I guess the translation are pulled automatically. There are still many strings that there are not translated, but I will search and translate them on transifex and after that I guess I need to contact you for update the docker image.

Thank you again

Hello @regis I pull the docker image, some of strings are translated but a lot of them are still untranslated, the majority in fact. Here is the platform I search on transifex, the word “Register” for example is translated but in platform is still displayed in English. Do you think what is going wrong?

@adrian Indeed, it looks like the “Register” string is present in Transifex, but not in the openedx-i18n files:

This might be caused by the fact that some strings were not reviewed at the time they were pulled in the openedx-i18n repo. Getting the new strings should be as simple as running make all and then pushing the changes. I’ll then retag the repo and you’ll have to re-build the openedx image from scratch with Tutor:

tutor images build --no-cache openedx

Turns out, the problem is more complex than I initially thought. It looks like the django.po translation file is not generated for some languages (including Romanian) because of some missing files, such as edx_proctoring_proctortrack.po – which in turns are not downloaded because they do not reach the minimum required translation percentage threshold. Unfortunately I do not have time to investigate further today. I’ll have another look at this next time a minor release (Koa.2) comes out.

Ok, thank you for investigation. We want to go live with the platform sooner. Can you estimate when next minor release will come?

I believe we should release koa.2 on February 9th.

Hello @regis. Koa.2 release is available now? If so, could you please investigate our problem with the translation?

I got to the bottom of that issue. The problem was that some translations files were below the 3% ratio of reviewed strings. The i18n-tools utility used in Open edX to collect translated strings did not generate the django.po files as soon as a single file was missing – hence as soon as a single file was below the 3% bar. To address this issue I opened an upstream PR: fix: do not skip po file generation on missing sources by regisb · Pull Request #95 · edx/i18n-tools · GitHub

The openedx-i18n project now makes use of my fork and the translation strings are properly collected for the Romanian language (as well as other languages that were also missing, such as Hungarian).

These changes will find their way in the latest release of Tutor (v11.2.0), which will come out in a few minutes.

EDIT: here is a screenshot of the demo platform running in Romanian

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Ohh, that’s great news. Thank you chief.

Later edit: Now it seems that we have the platform in Romanian, all the future brilliant students minds from Romania will be grateful to you :snowboarder: