Stuck at "Creating tutor_local_mysql-job_run"


I’m currently deploying tutor on an AWS EC2 instance. I’m installing it and launching it using cloud-init.

When the script I have provided to cloud-init launch the command tutor local quickstart, it stay stuck on this line indefinitely

When i do tutor local logs on my instance I have no return about the my_sql_job service and log doesn’t help me.

What should I do to troubleshoot my issue ?

Thanks a lot

This thread amazon ec2 - docker-compose exec python the input device is not a TTY in AWS EC2 UserData - Stack Overflow helped me to solve my issue.

Docker-compose was running the job with -T option but it seems that it is bugged and a TTY is still allocated.

Hi @lmas! There is something I don’t quite understand here. Tutor is supposed to work even in the absence of TTY. Jobs are run with the -T option when no TTY is available. Are you saying that we should not be using this option? Or that the TTY detection mechanism is not working?

For reference, here is the relevant part of the code: tutor/ at dfd3d179e94237c9670c5d085b917b925f2676c5 · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

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