Recompile specific service assets

Hello, we are using tutor to deploy a customized theme, when we execute “tutor images build openedx” we notice that cms and lms assets are recompiled, is there any way to avoid recompiling cms assets? our theme is not touching any cms assets.


As far as I understand comprehensive theming, yes recompiling is required, unfortunately.

thanks for the reply regis, just to be sure that my question was clear, I understand that recompiling is required, but is required to recompile cms if I touch lms? I took a look to asset recompilation code and it seems that you can specify which system to process.

Right! I did not read your question carefully enough. But unfortunately, the answer remains the same, as the theme is shared between the lms and cms.

ok :wink: no problem. I thought that we may use the system parameter: