Putting edx - tutor local - on CentOS?

We’ve been directed to move our edx site to a CentOS server.

What steps would be needed to make this happen?

Hi @dickbilleter! Moving an existing tutor installation to a different server, running a different OS, should not be a problem. Tutor is compatible with all Linux that are capable of running run docker. Did you try it?

All - we installed tutor local on the CentOS server, and it’s running well.

So far so good, thanks Regis. Just a note that trying to use our back-up did give us some issues, so we went with a ‘blank slate’ or clean installation.

Another note: Our server was partitioned smaller for the “home” directory (about 2 GB for “home”). We needed more space for “home,” (‘no space left’ errors), so we created a ‘symbolic link’ from “tutor” to “home”.

That’s good to hear :slight_smile:

There is no need to create a symbolic link. Instead, you can use a different project root (see the docs):

export TUTOR_ROOT="/partition/with/lots/of/space/tutor"