Permission problem on tutor data folder

Hello. I am trying to make a repository on gitlab with my tutor project but when I want to add the files for push I am facing some errors about the permission on the data folder. When I look at it I see that data folder is owned by root, I don’t know it this is normally or I did something wrong on the installation. What do you advise me to do in this case? Thank youCapture

This is normal! The services do not run with the same user ID inside the containers. And you reaaaaaaally should not try to version the data folder, which contains all data for your platform, including mysql, mongodb, binary blobs, etc. I think that the only thing that should really be versioned is the .local/share/tutor/config.yml file, which contains all the credentials and parameters for your platform. The tutor environment can then be re-generated just with tutor and this configuration file.

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