Open edX Insights URL

I have installed Open edX using Tutor and I believe Open edX Insights module is also installed by default.
What is the URL to access Open edX Insights?
I know this does not seem very bright but I have been all over open edx and Tutor docs and could find the answer to my question!

Unfortunately Insights is not supported by Tutor:

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Thank you very much for your reply. I tried to use figures but I ran into another problem.
I have installed tutor using precompiled binary. According to the documentation (, figures is bundled with the binary but when I do tutor plugins list, figures is not present.
Has it been removed from the precompiled binary?

Unfortunately the figures plugin is not available in tutor v10, as the upstream project has not been upgraded, yet:

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So the only possible way to use figures is to downgrade tutor to an older version?

Yes – or contribute to the upstream project to make a Juniper-compatible release. I know that @BbrSofiane has greatly contributed to this effort, but as far as I know the changes are yet to be published in a release.

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